Monday, October 6, 2008

The money maker

Colton went over to Ray Ray's after school and I got a phone call that I need to come down there right now. I got down there and he was selling water. Not ice water, but just water in a pitcher. I asked how much is it? He said for a small it is 1.02 and for a large it is 3.02. First of all, what's funny about this is he has no idea what amounts are at this point and it changes everytime you ask. He just comes up with numbers. I told him, bud, why don't you try selling them .25 for the smalls and .50 for the large. Then I told him I needed a small and here was 1.00. He could keep the change. Instead of being thrilled, he just said thanks mom. Have I raised a spoiled kid or what? He totally expected it! I said you know I gave you extra and he said, "I know, thanks. "

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