Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All boy and his dirt.

We have a trench dug in our back yard that I am beginning to wonder if it's ever going to get filled in. Colton found it during this last rain storm and had a grand 'ole time to say the least. He was filthy and entertained for quite awhile.

Pictures of Colton shooting his bb gun

Colton got to shoot the bb gun at the deer lease last time we went. That's the only reason pretty much that he wanted to go besides the fact he got to skip school Friday and Monday also. He was almost convinced he wanted to stay with Di and Sadie (our other dog) so he could play with Emma until he found out he got to shoot the bb gun and miss school and then you couldn't convince him of anything else. He was going to the deer lease no matter what.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last soccer game

Today was Colton's last soccer game for this year. I'll post the pictures later, but I was so proud of him. he played his heart out even thou they kept scoring and he scored 2 goals. But the best part about it is all season Brad and I have been trying to make him realize it doesn't matter how many you score it's that you got out there and played hard and had fun and if you win that's a plus. I know it will get more competitive as he gets older, but we wanted him to enjoy it now and not worry as much. Well he told me when we got home that some kid came up to him in the middle of the game and said we scored more goals than you and his response was I don't care. Then a few minutes later he came back and said mom you know when that kid told me that on the field what I really wanted to tell him (I held my breath here because I really didn't know what was coming next) was that I didn't care and that it's not about how many you score, but if you played hard and had fun. He really does listen!!!! Made me pretty proud.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

deer lease 11-10-08

Well, we had a prosperous trip. Brad shot an axis doe (yum yum...) and a hog so we are off to a good start. One of the things that was on the agenda for this trip was to put a new stand up that Pa, Colt, and Brad have been working on so Colt could go hunting with Pa. Well, they spent pretty much all day Saturday doing that after the morning hunt, but got it done. They went back Sunday afternoon to do some more work on it and Colton got to go hunt that evening in the stand with Pa. I have to say, I didn't know how it would go because I learned after this trip that he is NEVER quiet. He talked non-stop and I told Brad, I know he got this from me, but please tell me I don't talk that much and Brad just smiled so now I am trying to listen more than talk. Anyway, Pa said he did a great job, but we sent him with his Leapster, a dvd player with ear phones and a couple of cars and snacks. He came back saying Pa was noisier than him. : ) Anyway, I say all of that to say, he came back and met Brad and I at camp and said he was disappointed because they didn't get to shoot the "mingo grande." Brad and I just looked at each other and died laughing. I can't help it, but I just can't correct him because it's so stinkin' cute.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What is voting for?

Colton got his first experience at the voting booth with me last weekend and I got bombarded with questions. I don't know that I had the right answers, but I tried to be in the middle when I answered them so he could make his own judgements. We talked about the opportunity that this election would have and that this is the first time an African-American has run for presidency and also the first time a female has run for vice presidency. He acted like he was taking it all in. Anyway, I get up to vote at the booth and was completely overcome with emotion. I started crying, tears rolling down my face. I know it's a privilege, but it hit me at that moment how much of one it is. Part of me always follows what my parents instilled in me when I vote and the other part is ignorance unfortunately, but it really made an impression on me standing there. I've done this before so it's not like it was the first time. I think the fact it was so historical got to me and I am not even a lover of history. Last night learning Obama had won alot of emotions went through my body again. What is the future? What is Colton's future? Are we going to be ok? Then I had to realize this is God testing me again to allow him to have control. That is soooo hard for me to do, yet once again I am reminded to let him have it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Soccer 11-2-08

We only played with 4 players again. We will be out next week so hopefully they will have enough to play and then the following week is our last game.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Riding on a Sunday afternoon

Well, we got up and went to church and Brad asked did I care if he took Colt too the track today. I had pictures scheduled this afternoon so I said go for it. I went for a few minutes and I have to say it has been awhile since I have gone for the pure fact, I AM SCARED TO WATCH!!! He is so in the zone and the longer he is there the braver he gets. It scares me to death. I go, take some pictures, and then leave before he gets too brave. Here's some pictures of my baby doing BIG BOY things. : )

Snaggle tooth

Kyler, my nephew, allowed me to take a few pictures and he never does so I couldn't get picky.
Emma, my niece, lost her first tooth. This has been a moment that she has been waiting on for some time so I had to take a couple of pictures to capture the moment.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Belated Halloween

Our neighbors, Shannon and Brent with Colt
Popa, Grammy, and Colt

Trick or treat at Cindy and Gary's

Di and Colt

Ray Ray and Colt

Mommy and Colt (Yeah, I finally get to have a picture of me!)

The dirt bike rider himself!

Daddy and Colt (my 2 fav men)

Colt could not make up his mind this year. Everyday it was something different so he finally chose a dirt bike rider. Since he rides his dirt bike regularly we already had the stuff so it made it easy. I could not get him to wear his helmet because he says it is too hot so he wore his Hurley hat instead. We headed out at 4:45 because we had to do several houses in the neighborhood and go to dad and Sally's and a couple houses in other neighborhoods before we headed out to Aunt B's for the hayride. By the time we got to Aunt B's, it was 6:45 and he was so tired we did maybe 4 houses of running back and forth and he was done for the evening. I carried him to 1-2 and back and Brad did the same and he sat and rode the rest of the time. Needless to say we got home about 10:30 and he was asleep in the backseat. He did have fun thou and that's all that counts!