Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another day at the ball park 4-23-09

Conner (my nephew) and Colt after a blue snow cone
A pic of Colt fixing to bat and me trying to place my lens just right so it went in between the fence.

Friday, April 17, 2009

We are back from Disney and now it's reality.

Here are some pictures. I have more, but these are of us rather than the stuff around.
Pluto and Colt
me and Colt at Epcot

Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Pigglet(sp) at Epcot

Snow White asked for him to be her prince for the day.

Chip 'n Dale spent a good bit of time horsing around with him


Minnie and Colt

Pluto and Colt

The castle at night

Colt driving his car (by far his fav ride cause we had to stand in line 2 times for it)

Frontier Donald and me and Colt

The fam and that great lighting. Kills me as a photographer, but I was a mom remember. : )

Mickey and Colt

Grammy, Popa, and Colt in line to meet Mickey and Minnie at Magic Kingdom

Popa enjoying his ride. Mind you I am driving and turned around taking pictures. Such a good example.

Colt, Brad and their ride the first time.

Probably my fav pic.

Popa, Colt, Grammy, and Pinochio at Magic Kingdom

We are here!

Picture in front of rockin' rollercoaster even thou we didn't get to ride it. Colt was too short.

Mickey Water tank at Hollywood Studios

Star Wars show at Hollywood Studios and Colt wouldn't be a Jedi.

Colt and Brad before the stunt show

Cooling off before Star Wars

Handy Manny and Colt at Hollywood Studios

JoJo and Goliath with Colt at Hollywood Studios

I don't know who these people are, but I know they are from little einsteins, but Colt knew who they were

mom and Colt at the first park

dad and Colt at Hollywood Studios

Well, we made it and had a blast, but whoever said you go out of town to get rest lied. I am so tired and have sooo much to do. On top of that, I booked a photo session everyday from the Thurs after we got home, yesterday, until a week from Sunday. What in the world was I thinking? Anyway, we landed Wed. afternoon and came straight to the hospital to see Ray Ray. She had surgery Wed. morning to put a plate on her left arm so that it can start healing. Hopefully she'll feel some relief soon. She already says it's better than it was so that's good.

Now onto Disney info. We took off Sat morning and Colton got to enjoy his first plane ride. We got a bum window seat so he really couldn't see very well going, but coming home we got a good window seat and he could see great. We went to the pool Sat after we went and got food and necessities and I really think we could have skipped Disney all together and just stayed by the pool and Colt would have been fine. Sunday we did Hollywood Studios, Monday we did Magic Kingdom with Dad and Sally, and Tuesday we did Epcot in the rain and cold. I have to say that Toy Story was probably Colt's fav at Hollywood Studios, Driving the cars was his fav at Magic Kingdom, and he won't admit it, but Test Track was his fav at Epcot even thou Brad and I had to carry him on it throwing a fit. All in all we had a good time and stood in line for hrs with lots of people and left happy people. Colt was the happiest kid on earth getting to meet all the characters and I have to say that's what we spent majority of the time doing, but it was fun. I have pictures, but these are pictures from a mom and not a photographer. The photographer stayed at home this trip so I could enjoy the experience out from behind the camera and it's a good thing because the rules of where you have to stand, etc and not being in control would have driven me crazy if I was the photographer. Now to get busy cleaning this house before things get crazy for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ray Ray fell and broke her arm

Brad's grandma has had her share of challenges over the last couple years. She had a stroke over a year ago and was doing really good and fell in her front yard and bruised her ankle really bad. We got that mended and she was good for a little while and last night decided to climb on the picnic table to cover something up and feel and broke her arm. (Yes, you heard me right she was table dancing on the picnic table again and we've arned her about it!) Her right arm has been weaker because of her stroke and now her left arm is broken. If you have time, say a little prayer that she is in as little pain as possible and that it will heal nicely. We are Disney World bound this Sat. and will return on the following week and just found out she may have to have surgery the day we come home. Pray that things go well and that she heals fast. Poor Ray Ray!

Colt has mail....

I was reading emails today and came across one from some friends of ours that are living in Georgia right now and it was some words for Colt. I think Crockett is 5 and is one bright little boy with lots wisdom for somebody his age. It was a very sweet email and one that made Colton stop in his tracks and listen to what he had to say. Here is what he got,

First off winning first is not what is important. I have only won first one time. Racing is in your blood and even if a crash makes you scared your going to want to race again. Get back on and take it slow and easy until you get the scared out of your head. If you want to ride the small track a while that is a good way to get the scared out. That is what I do after I take a big fall. That girl was like on a 70, why was she even in your race class? Race yourself not the other kids...battle hard! Way to go in the holeshot, that is the hardest part and you looked faster than all the other racers. I'm gonna do my best in my next race for Colton, if Colton will race his best for me!

Colton sent like 3 lines back that basically said it's not easy racing and he wants him to plan a trip to come down and ride with him soon. However, mr. cool really liked getting to hear from Crockett and through an email made his day. Thanks Crockett for lifting Colton's spirits about racing!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

First dirtbike race for # 45 on 4-5-09

All smiles and gatorade before the race.

First Practice

Practice racing

Out of the gates for the first real race

Almost got tangled up here

#5 is who he ends of tangeling with later

He is in 2nd at this point.

They comtinue to battle

She takes it on the whoops.

and he wrecks trying to take it back. After much calming (1 hr later) and a snow cone

Brad convincing

He's in the gate, but still not sure

and he's off alone just like he likes it

Coming to the end of his first day of racing

Well, needless to say it has been a long weekend, but today was the day Colt has been waiting on for a long time and it didn't go as planned. We got up very early and headed to the track. He practiced and was soooo ready to race. Well, after first practice he went to the riders meeting and then was resting and you could tell he was so excited. Well, it was finally his time and he got up to the gate and got ready and off he went. He came charging out of the gate and was in 3rd almost immediately out of 11 kiddos. Pretty good start for your first race. Well, he and a girl tangled up as he tried to pass her and he got ran over by another rider. I guess you could say that he has some battle scars that chicks are going to dig. He cried and cried I think because it scared him. I really didn't get what had happend until several hours later. He literally had another rider run over his face. Pretty scary for a kid, much less a mom. Needless to say, he refused to ride his next race. He finally decided to ride on the small track and was back to doing jumps in no time. However, he was refusing the big one. Brad and I convinced him after a chuck E cheese promise to just ride and several hours of "come on, you can do it". He didn't have to race, but we wanted him to get back on the big track so he wouldn't be scared. Brad told him he just wanted him to ride. He could sit in the gate until everyone was gone, but he wanted him to go around the track 4 times. Well, crying all the way to the gate and me carrying him and Brad pushing the bike, we got him there. He cried the whole time Brad said until he took off and then he got a cheesy grin across his face. I can not tell you how proud I am of him. I don't know that I would have been brave enough to do any of this is the first place, but he got out there and conquered his fear and I can't say he will be riding real soon, but he assured us he didn't want to sell his bike. : )