Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Colt the Policeman

Colton and Sadie. That poor dog puts up with so much and Maggie (the one in the back left) would have nothing to do with it.
Taking his call for his next place to go so he says.
Listening really hard.....
a little smile too...that thing in his ear is actually the microphone you talk into, but he had to have something to listen too also.

Well, Colton has been sick since Sunday morning. Really Saturday, but I just thought it was allergies. I'll spare you the details, but we chose to keep him home today also. He acts like he is feeling a ton better, but still has a bad cough and his eyes just look like he is sick. That's how I can tell he doesn't feel good. The boy goes non-stop, just like his daddy, even when he doesn't feel good, but both of them show they are sick in their eyes. Anyway, Di drove by on the way home today and stopped and showed Colton the fun dress-up outfits she found on sale. One was a fireman and the other a policeman costume. He wanted to play with the policeman and has been playing for about 1 hr now. Anyway, he wanted me to take pictures of him playing in it so I thought I would post them. Hope you are having a spectacular day!

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