Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The new dirtbike

Daddy talk
riding with the big boys on the big track

Colt and his new bike

Nothing like good ole Gatorade when you are thirsty

Well, mom and dad brought Colt a new dirtbike. He had gone to look at it with Brad about 3mths ago and we wanted to know he was going to be able to sit on it and ride it before we bought it so this year the big present came from us. It's funny thou because we had to wake him up Christmas morning at 8:30 and he was so out of it that he was as excited about his power ranger underwear as he was about the dirtbike in the front yard. Santa brought him a new tv for his room which made him excited because he lost his during the Ike adventure. We took the dirtbike to the Angleton track on Friday and he rode his new KTM dirtbike, but not without some falls. He fell and hit his chin 2 different times, but Brad made him ride his old bike and he told him his new one was still way better.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

He didn't catch him this year...

No luck this year. Santa made his way in and out without a fuss. Colton did get a little scared at one point thou because he heard the bells from the sleigh and he was still awake along with Brad and me and was scared to death that Santa wasn't going to stop. Morgan and Adam brought him his gift early Christmas Eve and he had to try it out. Morgan went to an actual surplus store and bought clothing and face paint so he was an official marine for the night.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Catching Santa Claus

Colton is too big for his age. He has been scheming for 2 weeks now on how he's going to catch Santa Claus this year. I keep telling him Santa doesn't come when you are awake so you'll never catch him. He's not buying one second of it. Last week his plan was to sleep on the couch because Tia(what he calls my sister) and Adam would be here so he would have to sleep there because Tia would have to sleep in his bed and Santa wouldn't know he was fake sleeping. I told him that wasn't going to happen. He would sleep in his room for Christmas Eve. Then, today he tells me out of the blue he has a plan for catching Santa. I ask him what it is and he responds, "I am going to use your tripod and set your camera up with a string attached to it and Santa will trip on the string and it will cause the camera to take a picture and then I'll have it. I will have caught him in the act." Are you kidding me? First of all, he's not using my camera, but second of all, is it just me or should a 5 yr old not be into this and scheming this much? I have my hands full for the future.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nerf guns

mean face

can you tell he's squinting?

he keeps taking them down to see and they sit on his nose

happy face

Colton has been begging me to play nerf guns with him. I have been in front of the computer I feel like non-stop for part of November and all of December and I'll be the first to tell you I have stunk as a mom. The guilt has gotten to me alot lately so I have been doing my best to stop whatever I am doing and play with Colt when he asks. I played for awhile and then had to get the camera out because he looks so silly with these glasses on. I can only imagine the people driving by and laughing at us with the funny outfits on and running and hiding behind trees.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Colt's last Christmas program at St. Mark's

Well, it's been fun, but Colton is ready for kindergarten and bless his heart he keeps asking me when I get out of school for Christmas does that mean I get to start kindergarten. Not yet, but close. He was a wise man last year and got to be a Shepherd this year. I was very proud of him for his behavior considering last week he didn't even want to participate because it was soooo boring. He was a precious Shepherd if I do say so myself and sang his heart out. I'm just a proud mommy. : )

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It snowed!!!

It snowed in Brazoria County last night. Colton has been praying for snow all month and he got his wish. He had to stay home from school yesterday with a cold, but informed me if it snowed he was going to have to go outside so I better be ready. Well, he got his wish and we bundled him up and he headed out to enjoy it. Who would have thought snow in good 'ole Richwood.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving at the deer lease 2008

the deer from Brad's deer stand one afternoon
Thumbs up

bulls eye with Colt and Pa

Colt concentrating with one eye closed

and Sweet Maggie (sometimes)

Well, we went to the deer lease for Thanksgiving and Colt got to shoot his bb gun again and we saw lots of deer, but Brad chose to wait it out till the next trip. Here's a couple from the adventure...

Time flies!!!

Well, I just looked on my blog and realized the last time I blogged was almost a month ago. I had no idea. Time has been lost in my eyes. The photography business has been crazy. Between making custom Christmas cards and collages time has gotten away. I think I am finally starting to slow down. I have a couple more orders to wrap up and then I am ready to sleep! I haven't been to bed before 12 in the last week. While I am very thankful things have been busy I am also exhauted. However, I feel blessed.

On another note, we were trying to take pictures for our Christmas card and the coldest day is the day it was planned. That's what I get for worrying about everybody elses instead of mine. My brother-in-law took them and I am very thankful. Colt needed one of him on his skateboard...He is growing up too fast.