Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Took it too far...

I have to tell a funny story. For one, Brad and I do not put up with talking back. It's part of Colton growing I know, but when he does he gets in trouble, but sometimes I have to laugh. That said, on Sunday afternoon he was helping Brad work on the fence and came in from outside. I was sitting at the computer which happens quite often and I don't remember what he was upset with me for, but he snapped back at me like he never has before and I looked at him and said something along the lines of no sir, you will not talk to me like that. If you want something than ask nicely and I will do what I can, but you will not talk to me like that and get by with it. I know he raised his voice, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. Anyway, his response is what got me.....in a sweet voice he turned around and looked at me and said, " uh oh, I think I might of taken that one a little too far. " I looked at him and said, "yeah, I think you did" with a huge smile on my face because I couldn't help it. (It totally threw me off when he said that.) He said, "yes mam" and walked off, but I sat here laughing quietly of course because I didn't want him to know it was so funny. Colton has always been a kid that never misses anything, but he cracked me up with this response and if I could only say it like he said it through this text it would make it even better. Kids say the funniest things sometimes and I needed that.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am starting to notice

The face I get because I mentioned his "girlfriends" name. This is suppose to be a mean, I'm embarrassed face. (that's extremely dirty from helping dad in the yard all day.)
Looks more like a thing off of Bob the Builder than a tractor.

An old windmill in our neighbors yard.

American Flag hanging in view.

My grandpa's old bird feeder that hangs in our front yard.

In everyday life you don't notice the things around you. I have lived in this house for 6 yrs and I am just starting to notice things differently. I have always loved photographing people, but never had much interest in photographing my surroundings. Lately, everybody in my family (Brad and Colt) is tired of being photographed so I am having to practice on my surroundings. : ) Today, I took the camera out and just walked around and snapped away. I have some textures that I wanted to play with, but wanted some new pictures to use them on so that's what I have done today. Sounds real eventful huh? I enjoyed it thou and that's what counts sometimes.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My husband is the BEST

Good 'ole trusty Kabota. She's old, but she gets the job done. Looking to see why they keep getting caught.

The look I get when I pull out the camera.

Brad is the best husband in the world. I gripe and complain from time to time, but I can't thank God enough for him. He puts up with me for one, but he has so many excellent qualities that I am so glad he can pass down to Colt. One that I am so thankful for is he amazes me daily with what he can fix. My air conditioner on my car quit blowing cold air last week out of no where and rather than take it in the shop and deal with the cost, his dad and him worked on it and now it blows cold air like it's brand new. Today and yesterday, poor thing, he has been digging fence holes in the burning heat. We bought a lot next to us to help expand our yard and make it a little more comfortable and he has decided to take on the job of piping for the drilling of a new well (the neighbors well was on the lot we bought) and also move the fence over. His dad has been a trouper and helped him do the whole process, but I really don't know where we would be if we had to pay for all these odds and end jobs. He is Mr. Fix Man and I am truly grateful. Here are some pictures from the day of them working.

Friday, July 25, 2008

passing time

Today I was in the backyard working with different manuel settings and started playing with the cross we have hanging on our well house. This is what I came up with. Just for kicks I thought I would share.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Playing guitar with dad

Tonight we got a big rain that we desperatly needed. Well, really the last 2 nights, but tonight Colton and Brad sat around and played guitar and I got the camera out of course. Here's some pictures that I played with just for fun.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, today I went to a funeral this morning and I have to say I am thinking lots about life. This happens every time I go to one and I kind of think that's part of the reason we have them. We go to remember the person that has passed and give support to the family, but I think we also go and reflect. Reflect about how we need to better ourselves, what unfinished business do we have, and the fact that we need to show loved ones that we appreciate every minute we have with them. I hate funerals as I am sure most people do, but I am also thankful that I have the time to go and mourn the loss of someone I care about and reflect on what I need to change in my life to make it better. We get too comfortable in day to day stuff and forget that we aren't here on earth forever. I need a reminder and during a sad time I am glad I have that reminder to appreciate life and what I have been given.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

He did it like a pro!

Sorry the pictures are in reverse order....

My big boy did it. He rode out there like he owned the arena and I was such a proud mommy. (I'm not going to lie thou, I really wanted to throw up right before.) He rode out there and a couple of times Clifford, the horse, started to speed up and you could hear Colton saying Wow! Wow! He came to the place he was suppose to stop and got off and ran straight for the goat and then the line. He was adorable, but I am suppose to say that because I am the mom right? I could not have been prouder. I am so glad that he doesn't have the fears I have and is always up for something new. I wish I was like that and I guess that's what makes me proud he has LOTS of his daddy in him. He had an audience and I am so thankful that he is so loved by so many. I think he's the best and wouldn't trade these moments for the world.

The pictures are not the best, but I was trying to watch and take at the same time and it didn't work out so well.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Anxious for Sunday

Tomorrow Colton will ride a horse into the arena for the first time by himself and he is so proud! I am scared to death yet excited at the same time. The grin on his face says it all when you ask him about it. He will participate for the first time in goat ribbon pulling at the fair grounds tomorrow afternoon. For those of you that don't know what that is, no fear because I didn't have a clue until about a year ago. He will start at one end of the arena all by himself and ride the horse about 3/4 of the way down and stop the horse by himself and jump off and run to the goat, pull the ribbon on his tail and then run across the line. You would think in big people terms, he won the lottery. I'll get pictures, but here is one of him jumping off during practice Thurs. night. Say your prayers for a smooth ride.

Fun taking pictures

As I sit here and edit pictures from this week, I was playing and took this picture and almost chunked it, but something caught my eye about it. I don't know why I like it, but I do so I am sharing it. : )

A loss of a mom

Well, where to start. I woke this morning to thinking today was going to be a great day and I am still determined to make it that way, but I got a text this morning from some dear friends that their mom passed away this morning. It truly crushed me. Not just because I feel the loss, but because I truly feel the loss. I know what it's like, I know what they are fixing to go through and I know the emotions that they feel. I know the pain of not having your mom to comfort you in every meaning of the word and I also know that my friends kids will never know how much Leanne loved them as a grandma and how special she was to so many other people. From my stand point, Colton knows that my mom is Mimi and knows she meant the world to me and so many others, but he just doesn't get how truly special she was and I can't make him understand. My heart breaks today because I am reliving the loss of my mom and also living the loss of a special mom through friends as well. I would trade anything for them not to feel the pain of losing a mom and I know so many people have, but it still doesn't make it any easier. You hold onto memories that others don't understand, but it gets you through and 5 yrs later it still gets me through. Take today to tell those you love that they mean the world to you and hold those you love close because you never know what today or tomorrow brings. Treasure the time you have and take lots of pictures because you never have enough. There isn't a day that goes that I don't think how special it would be if mom was doing this, whatever this may be, with me and she is, but from a distance and I can only hope someday I'll see her again.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's a mom to do when her baby grows up?

Well, my baby is growing up. He was 5 on June 8th and everyday I am amazed at how much he is growing into a little man and isn't my baby anymore. He has started riding dirtbikes in the last 6mths and that's enough to make a mom really nervous and now this past week he learned how to ride and direct (steer), I don't know what you call it, a horse. He thinks he knows it all now that's for sure. I am so proud that he has no fear, but at the same time I want him to slow down so I can process all of this as a mom. I have a feeling it's going to be like this from here on out. What's a mom to do, but say a lot of prayers and cheer him on!

I've joined the blogging world

Well, people keep asking for updates so I figured what better way to keep everybody informed than with a blog like the rest of the world. I will make a promise now that it won't be daily and I am by no means a writer, but at least it keeps you up to date. I only wish I had started this earlier so I could have Colton's life when he started because it's amazing what you forget, but nows better than never right?