Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snuggie time

Well, it appears that Snuggies, or fuzzy wuzzies are the craze this year. Colt got a snuggy and we got fuzzy wuzzies for Christmas. It was only appropriate that we take some pictures. I set it up and Brad took them. Colt was in rare form.

Merry Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

his loot from Santa
his new neck brace he asked Santa for
waiting at Di/Pa's for present time

his own cologne

playing his itouch he got for me and Brad

The Percle fam
Ray Ray
opening scary stories from Tia

showing off


opening his ipod touch

Tia and "Santa"

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Deer lease time

Colt's fav part of the trip is Paw let him drive the 4-wheeler everywhere.
Maggie gets to go and Sadie stays home.

Paw and Colt

deer lease and the bb gun

the sunset coming in from hunting

being silly while the boys were filling the feeders

me just so we remeber I was there

Brad's fav hunting boots

checking the timer

Got started a little late this year. Plus is we didn't need as much corn.

Colt and dirt. He finds it everywhere he can.

I have been very blessed to be extremely busy this year, but I needed a little vacation. Our family needed a little get away together so before the photography Christmas season started I sat down with Brad and said we need to put on the calendar when we are going to the deer lease so I don't book those dates. We picked this past weekend and then a weekend in the middle of Dec. that should be the downside of business. Colt had a blast and it was a good get away and I am happy because we have meat in the freezer.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Race day

Once again these are not in sequence. Sorry. Him and Lee at the gate for Moto 2

Dad helping him with his gear

Colt telling Lee about one of his the jumps

Both of them discussing the race

thumbs up

out of the gate

moto 1 with dad's starting the bikes

mom playing with the pics

Colton had a race today. His first race I might add since he got ran over by another dirtbike. He did awesome. It helped that there were only 2 people in his class this time, him and his friend Lee and so he was completly calm and cool. Lee is on a faster bike than Colt and races regularly, but Colt had a blast and already asked when the next race was. He walked away with a trophy and he was one HAPPY DUDE! I was just happy that he had fun and kept his bike on 2 wheels for the day! : )

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Colt got his glasses

This is the one he plans to use for his cover.

We took some pictures tonight with my niece and nephews and I snapped some of Colt with his new glasses. He posed himself and said he planned to use it on his new album cover. I guess he's been working on an album that I don't know about....