Saturday, September 12, 2009

Colt and the dirt

Colton changes clothes at least once a day because is covered in mud from the front yard. If it's not wet, he gets out the water hose and makes it wet. I found this quote after taking these pictures today. It fits him exactly! He loves dirt!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

knee boarding in Colton's eyes

Well, Colton has taken up another sport. He wants to knee board behind the boat. He's not quite brave enough or big enough to use the big one so he has been riding his little boogy board. Yesterday it was almost dark when they went out and over cast, but he had an hr or 2 of fun anyway. Oh, and there was a little jumping and swimming in the bayou too.


And he lost his second tooth on Sunday evening also. He was quite excited about that and so were mom and dad since it's been hanging and been lopsided for about a month now.


Brad played with his fishing boat for a little while and got it back in the running order again. I really don't know what we would do if he didn't know how to do so much.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's been awhile....

Our first week of school was crazy and emotional to say the least. After 4 yrs of preschool Colton did great, but kindergarten was a new experience for him. I have to say he wasn't and still isn't exactly excited about it. Every day has gotten easier and every day there are less tears. He's already realized there are some cute girls in his class and already gotten brave enough to ask one to be his girlfriend. If it takes a cute little girl to help him get to school and stay there and be happy then I'm all for it. I actually think it's adorable how he gets all excited talking about it. He came home yesterday and whispered to me that he had asked her to be his girlfriend. Considering it was just me and him and the dogs I thought it was pretty cute.


After weeks of him complaining that his tummy hurts we found out yesterday that he has GERD which is like reflux. After listening to the doctor I am pretty sure he has had it his whole life and now I feel bad. He's complained off and on for years and I just chalked it up as he didn't want to do something. However, as a baby he spit up really bad and we made changes to take care of that. 2 yrs ago it got pretty bad and we got medicine to fix it and then got lazy about his diet again and now with the anxiety of school it's acted up really bad again. We are back to being real strict on his diet and looking for natural ways to fix this so he doesn't have to take meds that his body will eventually become use to.


Brad still has his cast and crutches. Although he seldom uses the crutches these days. It's going to be a long 3 more weeks. He is ready to run and found out today it will be at least 8 weeks before he can start running again. Praying that the time goes fast and it heals fast so he can get back to his active self again.


We lost my aunt last week pretty suddenly. She went in the week before with double pneumonia and was transferred to Houston and was sedated to see if her body could rest and get better and never really came to again. It's bittersweet. We lost her and the time we all wish we still had with her, but I got to see my cousins and rebuild the relationship we use to have after many years of losing touch. To see them go through this has been tough and brought back lots of memories of losing my own mom. It's neat to look back and see all "God" things that have happened along the way when you are going through things like this. When mom died I was sick and not able to go to the hospital the last 2 days she was alive for fear I would make her sick. She was having problems eating so I had taken a dropper up to dad to see if he could use that to get some ensure into her. When I opened the door she was alert enough to say, "hi Amanda, I love you." and that was the last thing she said to me and the last time I saw her alive. If you know me, I needed that and still do. My cousins kind of had a "moment" per say with their situation also. They all came into town not knowing what the outcome would be. 2 came from California and have not spoken to my aunt in awhile. She had been drugged for awhile and Monday they decided to take her off her meds for a few minutes to see if she would respond. Having a ventilator she couldn't talk, but when she saw her kids all together tears rolled down her cheeks and within a few hours later she would not awake again. To me at the moment you don't always realize it, but that was her way of saying I see you and I am content. I think our minds need to have that closure when it comes to family. I think it helps to heal and have that "moment."
It's been a busy week and I have to say today was just a day to catch up and it was nice.

It's very quiet around here with just Sadie and me. Colt's at school, Brad's at work, and Maggie is getting fixed so we don't have any extra puppies running around. She is 2, but acts like a 6mth old puppy still and can't stay still for long. I think Sadie could get use to this again. : )