Friday, August 21, 2009

And the outcome is.....

Things are never dull around our house and this week is no different. My wonderful husband that is still a kid at heart hurt his ankle/foot 3 weeks ago today riding his dirt bike with Colt. He's hobbled on it since then. Last Friday after the swelling or pain wasn't going away he finally decided to go to the doctor. Had an MRI on Wed and found out today that the top bone in his foot is shattered in a bunch of different pieces. Nothing went anywhere so now we just ride it out. He'll come back on Monday and get a boot and crutches and wear that for about 4 weeks as of now. Why wait till Monday you ask? Because he has too much to do at work today and tomorrow to miss it. So he smooth talked the Dr. to wait until Monday. So, Monday will be a new day and we'll see where things go. Until then, I will breathe a sigh of relief and thank God at least we aren't having surgery to fix the problem. Boys will be boys and most of the time I am glad he's still young at heart!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Colt met his teacher

There is a lot of change going on in our house right now. Colt will start kindergarten on Monday and could not be happier with his teacher. He loves Ms. Whitby from his days of helping Di in Emma's class so I am excited that he is ready. He was really hesitant the last couple of weeks and I think this will push him to want to go which is a good thing. He is a little behind for his age because he's a boy for one and he just truly doesn't care. He loves to be out doors and do anything, but does not want to sit and work on letters and numbers. I haven't pushed it, but we did get him a tutor to kind of help him along. He loves it and thinks it's what everybody does so he looks forward to it every week. We'll stick with it for a little while and see how it goes with school and tutoring and then we'll see if we can drop it and just let him learn in the classroom. He is so smart that it frustrates me. If he wants to learn it it comes so natural and fast, but if he doesn't care you can forget it.


Maggie continuously gets out of the fence and it's driving me crazy. You patch one spot and she finds another. I wish we had the money to just have someone come in a redo it all, but in the meantime there are other things I would rather have first so it will have to wait. We'll just keep patching to get the job done and keep her in.


I'm excited to see what's in store for me for the next few months with Colt in school. Lots of free time that sounds like I will have tons of time to use, but I know it's going to fly and I'll find other things to take up my time.


Brad had an MRI done last night and we will head to the Dr tomorrow or Tues to see the results and find out if we are going to have to have surgery or what the outcome will be. I'm ready for him to feel better and he's ready to ride again.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brad and Colt funny faces from Friday

A Saturday Evening

My niece doing what she does 24hrs a day, 7 days a week-gymnastics
Colt playing with Brad
Emma and Colt playing like they are going for a boat ride


happy face (he hates to smile for the camera)


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lego store and more legos

We went to the lego store this morning with my niece and 2 nephews and sister-in-law and made a day out of it. The kids loved the lego store and Colt spent his money there. We made a stop at the hermit crab quiosk in the middle of the mall for my 12 yr old nephew and then my other nephew bought legos also. We stopped for my niece's pick at build a bear and then headed to lunch. Everyone got what they wanted, although, I can say I saw Sonic at the mall for the first time. Didn't know they were in malls. Then we got dipping dots and headed home. I was finally happy on the way out and declared it a great day when all 4 of them said, "Thanks Mani. That was lots of fun." Then Emma decided to chime in and say, we should do that every day. A little more money that we need to spend every day, but glad they had fun. Here's some pics from this afternoon of Colt playing legos. And one of Maggie watching him.