Thursday, October 16, 2008

Changes are never fun!

Well, I found out today that I am borderline diabetic so there are going to have to be some changes. Change is never fun and especially when you love potatoes, corn, and bread. I CAN DO THIS! I have to keep telling myself. The last 6 days I have made lots of changes because I knew this could be a possibility after the blood test last week, but today I found out I definitely am going to have to do it. Pray that I have the strength to make the changes and don't let fear and procrastination get in my way like it always does. I need to step up, which is really hard for me for some reason, and take control myself! The good news in all of this is that I can fix it and hopefully prevent it with diet and exercise. And the other good news is I can cheat every now and then and my birthday is coming up so what a great time to do it!!!!

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