Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just another Wed. with army men

Colt was playing with his army men today and I played a little while and then got out the camera and played a little too. Nothing great, but just played.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Last splash day at St. Mark's

He kept saying "fire in the hole" for some reason

water anyone?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Colt is a graduate...of preschool

Colton graduated from preschool at St. Mark's Thursday night and is headed to kindergarten and can't wait. It was a special day and we celebrated with pizza at All Star's after the event.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Believe love is forever and forever you'll be in love.

Colt's 6th b-day at St. Marks

Ms. Cindy, Luther and Colt
Kisses from Luther
Ms. Decarolis (his teacher)and Colt


the cake

the b-day boy

all smiles and grown up

Colt's b-day isn't until June, but every year they celebrate it at school early so today was the day. His request was a chocolate dirt bike cake. He got sick yesterday so I wasn't forsure he was going to make it today, but after watching him run around all afternoon I rushed this morning to buy a cake and new dirt bikes to put on it. You see, he is a very smart little boy because he knew if he asked for a dirt bike cake he would get new dirt bikes out of the deal to play with. It was a success and he said it was delicious.

Monday, May 4, 2009

pictures from 5-3-09

I had seen a picture in a photography magazine I get that I loved and asked Brad to try to do it and he did somewhat, but I still liked this picture.

These are faces I see everyday from Colt and I wanted to capture them as he gets bigger everyday.

a devotion I received...

As Mother's day approaches every year it is bitersweet for me. Days are not as emotional for me anymore, but certain events I think always will be. I have been very emotional lately which people who know me know I cry easily anyway. I really miss my mom lately and was talking to a person at church the other day about it. I keep expecting it to get easier, but every milestone Colton goes through I want to share and I want to share it with her. Anyway, I got this in an email today and thought it was really pointing at me and am hoping maybe it will help someone else too. Love your mom's and I mean truly love them and tell them. Don't wait until after they are gone to realize I waited too long. Mom and I had a good relationship, but we were getting so much closer when I found out I was pregnant. That's something you want to share and bond with a mom. Treasure your time and enjoy the good, the bad, and the ugly. : )

Psalm 121: 7-8 (NIV)
(7) The Lord will keep you from all harm-----he will watch over your life; (8) the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

These verses remind us how much God cares for us. He really does care and love us so much! When we run to Him, He always has His arms wide open to receive us. He will always do what is best for us. We are never alone, dear friend, we have His hand over us forevermore. These promises will never be outdated. Nothing will harm us that will keep us from the love of God, which is found in His son Jesus. The great "I Am" is watching over you.! Praise His name!

Sunday is Mother's Day and as I dwell on these verses I think of all the earthly Mothers that have or doing so now demonstrating the caring heart Good gives each one to watch over their children. God created a woman's heart to be a very unique and caring refelction of His heart. Just as God watches over His children and anyone that harms one of His deals with Him so it is true with a Mother and her child. I have made the comment before that if you mess with my children or grandchildren you mess with me! Now I know all Mothers reading this can relate to this! You want to see Ginger get her blood pressure up just let some unfairness come to my children or granchildren. Through the grace of God I am learning to react in a godly manner and not "pull on someone ears" when I feel they have been unfair to one of mine. I want to be the godly Mother that through my touch, tears, and tenderness my love ones have a deeper insight into the caring heart of God.

To all Mothers reading this I pray for you to draw peace from these verses wherever you are right now in your life. If your heart is sad because a child has wandered away from the Lord then keep your faith, keep allowing God to work you through this place so that you can be a living testimony before this child. God will use you dear one, make no mistake about that. Next to the Lord Jesus I believe with all my hearts parents are the ones God means to have the most influence in our children life, Don't allow Satan to tell you any different. To the Mother that has a child in heaven may God's tender touch embrace you as only He can. He feels your heart hurting and he bottles your tears. To the Mothers that have a child that is physical challenge please know you were chosen to have this child because he or she is a special gift sent from above. God looked at you and saw someone that would love this child as He wanted the child to be loved. You were hand picked by a loving God that wanted to bless you through this special child. To all Mothers that are missing their own Mothers that have gone on to be with Jesus, please know my heart is tender for your loss. No doubt Heaven is being blessed with the presence of your Mother. I pray for you to draw from your precious memories with your Mother. They are a God-sent gift to you. Remember the Lord is watching over you and know your deepest pleas from your heart. Let Him minister to you today.

Heavenly Father, through the faces of each of us Mothers may your beauty shine. Through our voices may your praise be heard. May your love be over each Mother reading this. Heavenly Father I pray for those reading this that have Mothers that are dealing with serious health issues. I pray for them to turn all their worries over to you and allow you to carry their burdens. I pray for them to cherish the times they still have with their Moms. You see into each heart reading this so Lord please minister to each hurting heart, Help each one to draw comfort from knowing you are not only watching over them but their children too. Help us to have mustard seed faith in living our life knowing because you watch over us and our love ones we can rejoice and keep the peace and joy in our hearts. Through your grace we can pass it on to those we love. From my humbled heart thank you for forgiving us when we come to you with a sincere heart. I love you Lord and praise you for the blessing called "motherhood". Amen.

I was not sure how God was directing me with these verses when I started this devotional for the week so it has been a step of faith as I have been spending this time with the Lord in putting this devotional together. The Lord and I have shed some tears through it but I know His grace is covering it and it is His will to send it. My heart is overflowing in tenderness because I know some of you are dealing with missing your Mom that is in heaven today. I know your heart is hurting because you miss your Mom but I also know your life journey with your Mom makes your tears ones of gratitude that she came into your life. Thank you precious Lord that these Mothers came and that there are safe with you today!