Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to the track....riding dirtbikes

I finally made it in a picture...the fam
Brad and Colt


Pa, Colt, and Brad

Brad and his mini me

The next 5 are of my motocross racer (husband that is) !! : )

Well, Brad has been promising Colt he would take him to the track and off they went today. I have stayed away on purpose since Brad got his bike because I didn't know if I could handle it, but he supposedly worked the kinks out until I got there of course. He messed up his ankle some how and is hobbling around, but they had a good day and Colton's rode late this afternoon like he did before his crash several months ago. Slowly but surely he's getting his confidence back.

They turned 60!!!!

Ben, Christina, and Ella (Avery is running around somewhere)

Pat (Sally's sister) and Avery

Morgan aka Tia and Colt playing with her 80's play stuff from school

Jeff explaining how the ipod works to his mom

silly faces

playing with the kiddos


Dad and Sally

Dad laughing about something

Dad and Sally's birthday are a little more than 2 weeks apart so we went to Houston and celebrated together. We went and ate fajitas and then ended up at my sister's because it poured down rain and we weren't able to go to an outdoor theater we had planned to go to. Here are some pics from out adventure. We got them a ipod for their gift and hopefully they will get it all figured out. : ) It's going to be me in several years not knowing what in the world is going on I am afraid!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New lens and New chair mean poor Colton

notice his tongue

one of my fav pictures and I don't know why, but he's smiling and just chillin' not posed by me, but watching Brad

No more pictures please mom

being silly

his wind-up from watching too many baseball games with me

Well, I got a new lens and a new chair about a month ago and haven't played with them a whole lot so I decided to take Colt in the front yard and play. He made faces and I snapped. The one condition was that after I took mine then I had to take the ones he wanted. That is why we have ball pictures and bike jumping pictures included.