Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am starting to notice

The face I get because I mentioned his "girlfriends" name. This is suppose to be a mean, I'm embarrassed face. (that's extremely dirty from helping dad in the yard all day.)
Looks more like a thing off of Bob the Builder than a tractor.

An old windmill in our neighbors yard.

American Flag hanging in view.

My grandpa's old bird feeder that hangs in our front yard.

In everyday life you don't notice the things around you. I have lived in this house for 6 yrs and I am just starting to notice things differently. I have always loved photographing people, but never had much interest in photographing my surroundings. Lately, everybody in my family (Brad and Colt) is tired of being photographed so I am having to practice on my surroundings. : ) Today, I took the camera out and just walked around and snapped away. I have some textures that I wanted to play with, but wanted some new pictures to use them on so that's what I have done today. Sounds real eventful huh? I enjoyed it thou and that's what counts sometimes.

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