Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ray Ray fell and broke her arm

Brad's grandma has had her share of challenges over the last couple years. She had a stroke over a year ago and was doing really good and fell in her front yard and bruised her ankle really bad. We got that mended and she was good for a little while and last night decided to climb on the picnic table to cover something up and feel and broke her arm. (Yes, you heard me right she was table dancing on the picnic table again and we've arned her about it!) Her right arm has been weaker because of her stroke and now her left arm is broken. If you have time, say a little prayer that she is in as little pain as possible and that it will heal nicely. We are Disney World bound this Sat. and will return on the following week and just found out she may have to have surgery the day we come home. Pray that things go well and that she heals fast. Poor Ray Ray!

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