Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nutritionist and blue bonnets

Well, I have pictures to show and news to tell, but I am too lazy to do 2 different post so I am doing them together. Today I went back to the nutritionist to get my results from my cell blood work. From what I can tell they draw blood and then seperate your cells and withdraw vitamins and when the cell collapses that's what tells them your body is lacking that vitamin. They do it 1 time each week and they should get the same result everytime. Well, I found out I am lacking Vitamin B12 which can show signs of fatique, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and decrease in reproduction of white and red blood cells. When he said that a light came one because that's me to a T! I can wake up and I never have enough sleep and anyone who knows me if an egg breaks it cause MAJOR anxiety so I was thrilled to know that this will be better in about 4-6 weeks, but I should feel great in 4-6 mths. He also said this will keep me from getting pregnant if I wanted to have another child, but more importantly there are results that say with a lack of this breast cancer can become a factor so I am really happy to get this under control. I also am lacking Pantothenate (B5 vitamin) which can have signs of irritability, mental depression, fainting, nausea, and dry skin which all are symptoms that I have had over the last several months.
The third thing I was lacking was Spectrox or the antioxidant function which is major for anybody, but especially for someone that wants to battle getting cancer. I will be uping my berries and cherries intake for that and it should solve it. It was real interesting to do this. All my blood work from my normal Dr. came back fine and had no signs of anything wrong. I am fine, but it's nice to know that I know now what my body needs. He also said that one of these and I don't know which one it was has the same signs as diabetes which would also explain what has been going on the last couple of months. Anyway, I am hoping to be good as new and I go back for another cell blood draw in 6mths and see where I stand.

On another note, I am not a big bluebonnet picture fan, but everytime I drive by Brad's grandma's (RayRay) I look at how beautiful her bluebonnets are and Colt and I decided to take pictures of them so here they are. The one of me and Brad is one Colt took.

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