Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Colt has mail....

I was reading emails today and came across one from some friends of ours that are living in Georgia right now and it was some words for Colt. I think Crockett is 5 and is one bright little boy with lots wisdom for somebody his age. It was a very sweet email and one that made Colton stop in his tracks and listen to what he had to say. Here is what he got,

First off winning first is not what is important. I have only won first one time. Racing is in your blood and even if a crash makes you scared your going to want to race again. Get back on and take it slow and easy until you get the scared out of your head. If you want to ride the small track a while that is a good way to get the scared out. That is what I do after I take a big fall. That girl was like on a 70, why was she even in your race class? Race yourself not the other kids...battle hard! Way to go in the holeshot, that is the hardest part and you looked faster than all the other racers. I'm gonna do my best in my next race for Colton, if Colton will race his best for me!

Colton sent like 3 lines back that basically said it's not easy racing and he wants him to plan a trip to come down and ride with him soon. However, mr. cool really liked getting to hear from Crockett and through an email made his day. Thanks Crockett for lifting Colton's spirits about racing!

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