Monday, March 2, 2009

Colt made the Facts paper 3-2-09

Well, Colton has to be the happiest kid today. Our church family chose to take Sunday off from indoors and go out and serve the community to show you can help teach God's love by serving outside the walls of church as well. Brad and I chose to go to the Clute Little League fields instead of what the rest of our small group was doing because we thought this would make more of an impact on Colt. Well, it did in more ways than one. He is going to play at those same fields in a couple of months for the first time and he got to be a part of making the fields ready as well as the front page of the paper. It's funny how any other time he talks and will tell you anything, but she had to get him to talk this time. Anyway, he is very proud and if you see him today, don't be surprised if he tells you. The article is online, but his picture didn't make it.

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