Wednesday, March 4, 2009

no pictures, but some serious news

Well, I am a horrible mom first of all. We took Colton for his first dentist appointment yesterday and I have dreaded it for so long because I didn't know how it would go. He was awesome! I was complaining in my room getting my teeth looked at about how much I hate the dentist not realizing he could hear me and he informed the hygienist that I had been there way more than him, but I sure did whine about it alot. She came back and told me and I had to laugh. But the real reason for this post is we were on our way home and were talking about the toys he had picked out for doing so good. He chose a ball and a ring with a blue stone in it because he was good getting his teeth cleaned, but also allowed them to do x-rays. Well, I said why did you pick a ring out? That's for girls and he said I just wanted to. It was quiet for a few minutes and then he says, "Mom, I think I am ready to start dating." I had to literally hold my breath to keep from laughing and then said, "Colt, you have your whole life to find girls to date. Daddy and I dated alot of people before we found each other and decided we couldn't imagine life without one another." He thought on that and then said, "How will I find the girl I want to date? Cousins can't date cousins can they? " I knew where he was going because he loves Emma, my niece. I told him no you can't date cousins. I told him that he hasn't even started school yet and he needed to wait to get out of school. He informed me that that would probably be smart since he didn't want her interfering with him taking his tests. I called Dianna and told her and she said like father, like son. All I can think is what's next?

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