Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do the questions have to get harder?

My child is only 5, but I am in so much trouble. He's already asking questions about God, life, history that I can't answer and I am having to really think how to answer these. What am I going to do the older he gets and the more questions he asks? Last night and today it has been a whole discussion about Hispanics. He wants to know why they have a different president and why some of them don't have homes or doors. Why don't they just make them? How do you explain that some people don't have what we have on a 5 yr old level? I have been trying over and over, but he's not getting that life is different in other places. What he has alot of kids don't have. I need to find a book or something so he has a visual of what I am trying to say. This is where I wish I had learned more. He's giving me the drive to want to learn more so I can answer these stinkin' questions. lol

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