Monday, December 8, 2008

Time flies!!!

Well, I just looked on my blog and realized the last time I blogged was almost a month ago. I had no idea. Time has been lost in my eyes. The photography business has been crazy. Between making custom Christmas cards and collages time has gotten away. I think I am finally starting to slow down. I have a couple more orders to wrap up and then I am ready to sleep! I haven't been to bed before 12 in the last week. While I am very thankful things have been busy I am also exhauted. However, I feel blessed.

On another note, we were trying to take pictures for our Christmas card and the coldest day is the day it was planned. That's what I get for worrying about everybody elses instead of mine. My brother-in-law took them and I am very thankful. Colt needed one of him on his skateboard...He is growing up too fast.

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