Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The new dirtbike

Daddy talk
riding with the big boys on the big track

Colt and his new bike

Nothing like good ole Gatorade when you are thirsty

Well, mom and dad brought Colt a new dirtbike. He had gone to look at it with Brad about 3mths ago and we wanted to know he was going to be able to sit on it and ride it before we bought it so this year the big present came from us. It's funny thou because we had to wake him up Christmas morning at 8:30 and he was so out of it that he was as excited about his power ranger underwear as he was about the dirtbike in the front yard. Santa brought him a new tv for his room which made him excited because he lost his during the Ike adventure. We took the dirtbike to the Angleton track on Friday and he rode his new KTM dirtbike, but not without some falls. He fell and hit his chin 2 different times, but Brad made him ride his old bike and he told him his new one was still way better.