Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What is voting for?

Colton got his first experience at the voting booth with me last weekend and I got bombarded with questions. I don't know that I had the right answers, but I tried to be in the middle when I answered them so he could make his own judgements. We talked about the opportunity that this election would have and that this is the first time an African-American has run for presidency and also the first time a female has run for vice presidency. He acted like he was taking it all in. Anyway, I get up to vote at the booth and was completely overcome with emotion. I started crying, tears rolling down my face. I know it's a privilege, but it hit me at that moment how much of one it is. Part of me always follows what my parents instilled in me when I vote and the other part is ignorance unfortunately, but it really made an impression on me standing there. I've done this before so it's not like it was the first time. I think the fact it was so historical got to me and I am not even a lover of history. Last night learning Obama had won alot of emotions went through my body again. What is the future? What is Colton's future? Are we going to be ok? Then I had to realize this is God testing me again to allow him to have control. That is soooo hard for me to do, yet once again I am reminded to let him have it.

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