Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Belated Halloween

Our neighbors, Shannon and Brent with Colt
Popa, Grammy, and Colt

Trick or treat at Cindy and Gary's

Di and Colt

Ray Ray and Colt

Mommy and Colt (Yeah, I finally get to have a picture of me!)

The dirt bike rider himself!

Daddy and Colt (my 2 fav men)

Colt could not make up his mind this year. Everyday it was something different so he finally chose a dirt bike rider. Since he rides his dirt bike regularly we already had the stuff so it made it easy. I could not get him to wear his helmet because he says it is too hot so he wore his Hurley hat instead. We headed out at 4:45 because we had to do several houses in the neighborhood and go to dad and Sally's and a couple houses in other neighborhoods before we headed out to Aunt B's for the hayride. By the time we got to Aunt B's, it was 6:45 and he was so tired we did maybe 4 houses of running back and forth and he was done for the evening. I carried him to 1-2 and back and Brad did the same and he sat and rode the rest of the time. Needless to say we got home about 10:30 and he was asleep in the backseat. He did have fun thou and that's all that counts!

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