Sunday, November 8, 2009

Race day

Once again these are not in sequence. Sorry. Him and Lee at the gate for Moto 2

Dad helping him with his gear

Colt telling Lee about one of his the jumps

Both of them discussing the race

thumbs up

out of the gate

moto 1 with dad's starting the bikes

mom playing with the pics

Colton had a race today. His first race I might add since he got ran over by another dirtbike. He did awesome. It helped that there were only 2 people in his class this time, him and his friend Lee and so he was completly calm and cool. Lee is on a faster bike than Colt and races regularly, but Colt had a blast and already asked when the next race was. He walked away with a trophy and he was one HAPPY DUDE! I was just happy that he had fun and kept his bike on 2 wheels for the day! : )

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