Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lego store and more legos

We went to the lego store this morning with my niece and 2 nephews and sister-in-law and made a day out of it. The kids loved the lego store and Colt spent his money there. We made a stop at the hermit crab quiosk in the middle of the mall for my 12 yr old nephew and then my other nephew bought legos also. We stopped for my niece's pick at build a bear and then headed to lunch. Everyone got what they wanted, although, I can say I saw Sonic at the mall for the first time. Didn't know they were in malls. Then we got dipping dots and headed home. I was finally happy on the way out and declared it a great day when all 4 of them said, "Thanks Mani. That was lots of fun." Then Emma decided to chime in and say, we should do that every day. A little more money that we need to spend every day, but glad they had fun. Here's some pics from this afternoon of Colt playing legos. And one of Maggie watching him.

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