Thursday, February 12, 2009

Colt is truly into dirtbike riding

Well, we have a child that eat, sleeps, and breaths dirt bike riding. It is official! He asks at least once a day can he ride today. He "practice" rides on his regular bike 3 or 4 times a day and is always talking about how he's got a race tonight he needs to practice for. (all pretend, but I have a feeling going to be true soon) He will ride in the front yard for several hrs and has converted his regular bike to sound like a dirt bike all on his own. He has his dirt bike riding gear on now as I speak just for fun because he has a "race" in a few minutes. I say all this because as a mom this is a fear, but I also don't want to keep him from doing what he loves and is good at. He picked up on it at an early age and I hear people tell me all the time including family, he's too small, how can you let him do this and I have to say I wasn't all for it and still am not, but do I want to be a part of this and enjoy it with him or am I going to hide out because I have a fear of what's going to happen? Brad got him some dvd's to watch that teach some techniques and he will sit and watch them over and over and then goes outside and uses it and will tell you what he did differently after watching the dvd. He picks up stuff that amazes me, yet I can't get him to learn his abc's to save his life. lol That will come, but I am sitting here typing this as he sits in the living room watching a taped supercross that he put on so he can "see if he can pick up any pointers and apply them" in his own words. What has his daddy created? : ) I love that he loves something so much, but see that races are around the corner and I am fixing to have to grin and bare it or stay home and miss a very excited little boy that appears to going to be doing this for a long time. He is so ready to race. Pray that he will do what he loves and stay safe and that I can enjoy watching him love something he loves without having a nervous breakdown.

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