Monday, June 21, 2010

Chirp finds a new home

Chirp has been with us since Easter weekend and she is living the life of royalty, but it was time for her to find a new home. We let her live outside all day long and then put her in a cage in the evening and she started wondering a lot more into the neighbors yards. No one said anything, but I don't want to offend our neighbors so that was one issue. The second issue was she pooped everywhere. I know...chickens do that. But it would be one thing if she stayed on the ground, but she would roost of Brad's boat and poop everywhere and that wasn't cutting it anymore so we took her to some friends of ours that have other chickens and made that her home. Brad took her and said her feet are probably 3 times the size of the other chickens because she was so well fed. She's going to have some getting use to life now, but then she'll be fine. She should start laying eggs in November from what he said. I think it was harder on me that anyone else. Don't know why....she's a chicken for heaven's sake, but I still cried. Colt came to me later Sat. afternoon and asked I thought she had made friends. Of course I said....I don't know if she has or not, but I wanted him to know he had made the right decisions. Is it wrong to lie to protect his little heart? are some pictures from our final day with Chirp.


Cindy Broaddus said...

Aw! I totally understand, Amanda. We have several chickens along with goats, dogs, cats, and a rabbit. We are attached to ALL of them. Whether the attachment is a chicken or a dog, it'a an attachment. You have grown to love Chirp in a way. It's sweet, and hey, it could have been a snake or some other not so fluffy animal your son had taken care of. ;) (You guys can come visit our "farm" anytime time.)

The Reich Blog said...

Aw...thanks Cindy. Colton would love it I am sure. I just get attached to everything. It's something I am going to have to outgrow if I want to have a farm like I do someday. : )