Thursday, July 9, 2009

New lens and New chair mean poor Colton

notice his tongue

one of my fav pictures and I don't know why, but he's smiling and just chillin' not posed by me, but watching Brad

No more pictures please mom

being silly

his wind-up from watching too many baseball games with me

Well, I got a new lens and a new chair about a month ago and haven't played with them a whole lot so I decided to take Colt in the front yard and play. He made faces and I snapped. The one condition was that after I took mine then I had to take the ones he wanted. That is why we have ball pictures and bike jumping pictures included.

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Jenny Hintze said...

So what new lens did you get? Very cute pictures of that silly little man. I always have to make deals with Jackson too. Those little worms!