Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Colt's 6th b-day at St. Marks

Ms. Cindy, Luther and Colt
Kisses from Luther
Ms. Decarolis (his teacher)and Colt


the cake

the b-day boy

all smiles and grown up

Colt's b-day isn't until June, but every year they celebrate it at school early so today was the day. His request was a chocolate dirt bike cake. He got sick yesterday so I wasn't forsure he was going to make it today, but after watching him run around all afternoon I rushed this morning to buy a cake and new dirt bikes to put on it. You see, he is a very smart little boy because he knew if he asked for a dirt bike cake he would get new dirt bikes out of the deal to play with. It was a success and he said it was delicious.

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